"Thanks a lot. This was the most lovely Hostel we saw on our trip. Great staff, great breakfast, beautiful rooms and a helpful and superfriendly owner & dog."

- Bjorn & Inga

"This is my first visit to Eugene. I love it and all of the truly magical folks I have befriended here who are Hostel staff and guests. Thank you all for an amazing couple of days. I'll be back! Who knows...

I just might make a move! Blessings!"

- David Sinogui

"This is what I needed in so many ways. I missed the West Coast a lot and what a better way to feel back at home. This place is awesome, run by awesome people. Its great what one day can do to you. I hope I can come back one day!"

- Stephanie Flores

Eugene Whiteaker International Hostel


970 W. 3rd Avenue, Eugene,

Oregon 97402

1 (541) 343.3335


Contact us via Email here:

OPEN 8am-8pm

365 days a year

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