We're Here... It's Now

Morning Glory Cafe...

While running a few errands, Oso and I stopped my the Morning Glory Cafe this morning. This is one of my favorite breakfast spots for coffee and food. Today we had the El Viento, a super fast plate of black beans, quinoa and love. You really should try it. Fast and fantastic. Anyways, it was too cold for reasonable folks to sit outside, so I got the patio to myself.

I'm on the second reading of a book by Christian Williams called "Philosophy of Sailing.. Off shore in search of the Universe" where the author documents his single handed voyage from LA to Hawaii and back. I whole heartedly recommend it.

In one of the earlier chapters he discusses the work of

David Hume, a philosopher considering the questions of who we are and why we are here. Singlehanding a sailboat in the Pacific offers an opportunity to dig right in to this idea, even if you don't care to.

The Hostel lets me mingle with some compelling characters in the course of a season. This year I have been surprised by the number of bike tourists heading to the coast in the fall and winter. It's a time of year that requires a thick layer of character, along with fowl weather gear if you've got it. It's a rare breed that invites that kind of suffering.

From time to time, I run into a guest that is irrevocably likable, with strong heart and good character. Brandon BreightKreuz was that guy.

Stout and friendly, Brandon's attitude is endearing and adventurous. As a paramedic living in Ft. McMurray, Alberta he'd stowed away enough cash to take a "self funded" vacation which started a couple of months ago in the North and will last until April 2019. His bike will take him to the south of South America in the next several months...

Brandon also works a side hustle running "Eco Bike Taxi", a bike taxi in his home town of Ft. McMurray.

As I sit in the cafe, sipping my forbidden fruit(coffee) and contemplating my current state of existence, I'm wondering if I'm in the right place. Should I settle? Should I travel? Should I listen to this book or to the other?

This truly intelligent adventure story is an inspiration. Whether on land or sea, wether suffering in solitude or getting fat in the company of friends one thing is certain... Life isn't the future or the past.

We're here...

and it's now...

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