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3 Houses

27 Slots

1 Heck of a Community

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Student First Facilities

The Co-Op at the Hostel provides everything you need to make the most of your college experience. With free printing, high-speed WiFi, and an onsite business center, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get ahead.

Eugene Hostel Coop Living Flyer (3).png

Walkability Score 81

Eugene Hostel Coop Living Flyer (3).png

Bike Score 100

In the heart of the Whiteaker, you'll be right in the middle of the best music and art scene in town. Feet away from grocery stores, dispensaries, coffee shops, bars, arcades, breweries, bus stops, and everything you'll want.


Plus, don't forget to relax and party in our cool hangout spaces, designed by travelers and loved by students - with 3 backyards, community garden, backyard stage, music room equipped with instruments, library and more - perfect for socializing or indulging in free streaming services.

Eugene Hostel Coop Living Flyer (3).png

Rooming Options

Eugene Hostel Coop Living Flyer (3).png

Details and FAQs

Interested? It's time for the nitty gritty details. Please read carefully through all the information below to get an idea of what we look for in community members.

The Co-Op at the Hostel is now accepting students for 2024-25! Beginning September 27, 2024 and concluding June 17, 2025, students all over Lane County will be able to live in community, fully furnished with all utilities included (including WIFI). We have three houses in the heart of the Whit, tons of cool hangout spaces featuring gaming platforms, instruments, a community garden, a stage, art supplies, and more, and are close to multiple bus lines including the EMX.

The Co-Op offers fully furnished private rooms that range from $750-900/mo, and gender affirming dorm spaces that range from $350-400/mo. Laundry in-community, and 3 fully stocked and furnished homes at your disposal, with the best porch and backyard in all of Eugene!

Rooms and dorms beds are chosen first come, first serve by applicants. We are a co-ed community. We have gender affirming dorms for femme-identified individuals and for masque-identified individuals. We welcome non-binary, queer, and other LGBTQ+ identified individuals to apply, and can happily create a non-binary and/or fluid gendered dorms as well.

We actively recruit students who are looking for a homebase in community values. Please review our Code of Conduct prior to applying: it outlines our ethos and community rules and expectations. As Jack Sparrow said, "It's more like guidelines." We are operating out of the Eugene Lodge and International Hostel. In the summer, the space will return to an operating hostel, so we ask that that same hostel commnity and creative spirit be alive in all our student co-op members. While we don't require it, we ask that all our members apply their skills towards a project here at the Hostel, to forever stamp their place in this ever-evolving artistic and community space. 

Students are asked to give 2 hours a week (or 8 hours a month) of time to the community and/or a project that benefits all, such as gardening, creating community events, cooking meals, or honestly whatever you want!

This year, our Co-op will be open to students from Sept 27 to Jun 17. All leases will start September 27 and end Jun 17, with move-out same day. We chose these dates to coincide with the start of school and the day after graduation. We are unable to offer leases outside of these timelines. For students interested in staying and work trading over the summer, the Hostel will prioritize former Co-Op members as work trader applicants. All students are welcome to apply via the Hostel Work Trader Portal.

Per Oregon rental law, we will consider applicants in the order they apply. 

A $1000 security deposit will be required upon move in, regardless of room price. ​This is to ensure equitable division of damages amongst the Co-Op should the unlikely event occur. Please see our FAQs below to see examples.

Pets are not permitted, due to the community nature of the hostel. Service animals welcome. We have 2 cats on site, one indoor black cat living in the Space Haus (Greg) and one outdoor tabby cat living near the Tree Haus (Jim). We encourage you to spend time with these kitties! If you would like to live with/closer to a cat, please let us know so we can recommend which room to chose.

Walkability score of 81, and Bike score of 100!  Street parking. 2 blocks from the nearest grocery, and easy walking/biking distance to all needs.

Please be prepared to provide proof of income/funds (at least 2x monthly rent).

More Questions? Please email us at for any additional questions.


What qualifies as a student to live at the Co-Op?

To us, a student is any person attending a school of higher education here in Lane County. We welcome students from LCC, UO, Bushnell, OSU, or any trade school or remote program. Students need to be enrolled for the entirety of the 2024-25 school year.


What is the application process?

Apply via the link anywhere on this page. Applications and property management will be handled via the Innago rental portal platform. This platform is free to renters and will not charge an additional account fee. E-checks and credit card payment options are available.

A nonrefundable application fee of $45 will be required, which covers a background check, credit check, and eviction check.

Applicants will be screened in the order of applications recieved. Those who qualify will be invited to view the Co-Op. Applicants will be asked if they are open to a rooming option they did not apply for. Rooms/dorms will be assigned on a first-come, first-preference basis, but wewill work to match dormmates with other like-minded dormmates.


What is the pet policy?

We can't accomodate pets. Service animals welcome.

There are 2 onsite cats, Greg and Jim. Greg lives inside the Space Haus, and his human is Luna (an LCC Student and one of our Community Custodians). Jim lives outside the Tree Haus and all humans are his humans.


Why are the dates so specific? Can I adjust these?

No, our leases are standard for the duration of the school year. In 2024-25, this means from Sept 27 - Jun 17. These dates are chosen based on the same move-in dates for the University of Oregon. We do however, prorate the last month's rent accordingly. Rent is due the 27th of each month.

Since the Co-Op is run out of the Eugene Lodge and International Hostel, we respect the legacy of the artists and travelers who came before us and made such an incredible space. The Hostel is deep cleaned every fall and every spring before it transitions and a timely move-in/move-out ensures this!

You are welcome to move in after the lease starts or move out early, but will still be charged for the lease in full.


Can I bring items with me?

Sure, but no large furniture items. We are fully furnished for a reason, and really serve best students who are looking for a stress free rental and moving process. We encourage you to lighten your pack, and bring your clothes, decorations, and sentimental items. We do allow mini fridges and other smaller items in spaces, but please be sure to keep all furniture/decorations associated with each room inside each room.


How many people live in the Co-Op?

There are 29 slots for students to live at the Co-Op, and we've got two community custodians, Danny and Luna, who are long-time residents/friends of the hostel. These two will help ensure your time at the Co-Op is meaningful.

Since we do live in close quarters, all of our dorm beds close off their curtains to give you that little extra bubble of privacy, and we have a designated quiet tent in the backyard (with space for anyone in the Co-Op to meditate, do yoga, or just chill) to help ensure you can have the alone time you might want/need. Even though there's plenty of space to relax and unwind, we do highly encourage you to get to know your fellow co-op members and plan community events!


What are the parking and transportation options?

We have 5 parking spots available for purchase onsite at $50/mo. Parking passes will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis for applicants. 2 of these spots offer Level 2 Chargers, and will be charged n additional $50/mo for electricity offset if reserved for electric cars. Otherwise, there is plentiful street parking in the neighborhood.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of your free student bus fare for LCC and UO students. We are within a 5 minute walk of the EMX, 40, 52, and 51.

We also offer 15 bikes for rent for the entirety of the school year. Bikes rentals are $50/mo, and each renter will be assigned a bike at the beginning of the lease. We have a secure bike storage shed out front of the Art Haus for bike storage. A bike damage or loss fee of $750 will be charged for bikes that are not returned in good working condition. Bikes are rented first-come, first-serve for applicants.


What if there are damages? How do you decide who is at fault in a shared space?

If there is an issue or damage required a security deposit to be retained in a private space, the lease holder for that specific room shall be charged the full amount of the damages.

If there is an issue or damage required a security deposit to be retained in a dorm space, all occupants of a dorm space shall be charged an equal amount of the damages.

Ex: a bunkbed is broken in the Duck Dorm (5 beds). A replacement fee of $50 is charged equally to all 5 occupants in Duck Dorm from the security deposit (i.e. $100 fee from each person). Assuming no other damages, each person would recieve $900 back.

Because one of our tenants holds that all common space is for all community members, if there is an issue or damage required a security deposit to be retained in a communal space, all lease holders shall be charged an equal amount of the damages.

Ex: the section of the backyard fence was torn down. A replacement fee of $1450 is charged equally to all 29 Co-Op members from the security deposit (i.e. $50 fee from each person). Assuming no other damages, each person would recieve $900 back.


What is the Code of Conduct?

We have all community members sign a code of conduct prior to arrival. You can find a printable copy here, but the key tenants are listed below.

  • Self-Reliance - Community Members are autonomous adults who can, do, and will solve problems, take care of themselves, and process their emotions in a healthy way. This is not a home where children live.

  • Community - Community Members are all equally important people in the success of the community who can, do, and will chose to engage with others respectively, maintain community spaces, and act in favor of the collective good. All common spaces are communal, and all community members are welcome in all common spaces at all times.

  • Creativity - Community Members are all capable creatives who can, do, and will inspire themselves and others by creative pursuits of all kinds. Creative is a constant choice.

  • Privacy - Community Members are all individuals who can, do, and will respect the privacy of others to the best of their ability while living in community. Respect the space and others.

  • Communication - Community Members are all committed communicated who can, do, and will use non-violent communication techniques as often as possible to ensure a healthy community environment. Be intentional with your words and deeds, and don't hide your resentments.

  • Accountability - Community Members are all mature persons who can, do, and will provide gentle but direct accountability to others to ensure a smooth living enviornment. Help each other improve.

  • Giving - Community Members are all skilled individuals who can, do, and will contribute 2 hours/wk or 8 hours/mo to the betterment of the community. We share our talents to help all.

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