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Manager + Skilled Lead

Status: Taking rolling applications

Anticipated Next Hiring Date: May 2025, accepting applications

Role Description

This position is a combination role, seeking management and additional skills that provide value to the Eugene Lodge and International Hostel. The role additional skill options are below:

Option 1: Marketing

Option 2: Maintenance

Option 3: Event Planning

Please reference the color coding system when reading position descriptions below. The role is expected to combine ONLY 1 skill option with management.

Ideal Candidate: 

  • International Traveler who has worked in a hostel previously, preferably in a leadership role

  • International Student with a clear understanding of their own visa requirements

  • Additional demonstrable skills from the Options above

  • Advanced level of English

  • Bilingual


Visa Information:

Lodging and Visa Sponsorship Provided (as applicable, dependent on individual. Visa processes take months to approve and as such, we accept rolling applications for this role. For visa-seeking applicants, please be advised that we will require a trial period through our work trade program to ensure fit. Please also be advised that there is no guarentee of visa approval, and that the visa process can take upwards of a year. Please be advised that while we can help, we are not responsible for your visa application or its requirements outside of our role as employer. Ensure this is a long-term goal and of your commitment to Eugene Lodge and International Hostel before applying.


  • 60% Manager on Duty

    • 3x 8hr shifts (preferred (7am-3pm Tuesday-Thursday, but flexible days and shifts)

    • Interface with guests, support and supervise work traders, train work traders, understand emergency procedures.

  • 40% Skill Lead

    • 16 hours (choose your own schedule)

    • Option 1: Develop and implement marketing strategy in conjunction with General Manager and Owner, Analyze and Provide suggestions based on Marketing Data, Design and Distribute Marketing Material. OR

    • Option 2: Maintain and develop new construction processes in conjunction with General Manager and Owner, that provide cost effective upgrades such as energy saving, gardening, thermal control, deck building, etc. OR

    • Option 3: Create and run events in conjunction with General Manager and Owner that provide additional revenue streams for the Hostel, such as guided tours, musical acts/performances, bar crawls, ski trips, coastal trips, etc.

Experience/Skills Required:

  • 1 yr of professional management/leadership experience OR a BA in management or similar fields. 

  • Understanding of hostel living and lifestyles, demonstrated through personal experience

  • Advanced English Skills (TEFL certificate or native fluency required)

  • Option 1: 1 yr professional experience in marketing OR a BA in marketing, communications, advertisement, design, or other business/marketing related fields. Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing marketing strategy. OR

  • Option 2: 1 yr professional experience in maintenance, construction, or trades OR a AA/certification in any trade. Demonstrated experience in project management and procurement. OR

  • Option 3: 1 yr professional experience in event planning OR a BA/AA/certification in event planning or related fields. Demonstrated experience in event design and execution.


Preferred Experience/Skills:

  • International visa seekers and candidates are highly preferred.

  • Bilingual

  • 3mo+ Professional experience working at hostels/WOOFing/work trade

  • 6mo+ of Travel/backpacking experience

  • Option 1: 1-3 yrs of professional experience in marketing and marketing strategy OR 

  • Option 2: 1-3 yrs of professional experience in maintenance, construction, or skilled trades OR

  • Option 3: 1-3 yrs of professional experience in event planning

Compensation and Benefits:

  • $1200-1800/mo, based on experience

  • Private Living Accommodations provided (worth $1000+ monthly)

  • VISA Sponsorship as Applicable

  • All utilities paid, free breakfast, free laundry

  • WiFi, library, computers, media room with all streaming platforms, bus pass, bikes, stage and equipment, instruments

  • Cool people from all over the world to hangout with

  • Community trips and hangouts (i.e. camping, skiing)

  • 3-4 weeks of vacation yearly

Why Work for Us?

The Eugene Lodge and International Hostel is the best and brightest hostel in the Pacific Northwest. With top ratings on Google,, AirBnb, and other platforms, we welcome travelers from all over the world and the states. We are a top rated host on, our work trade partner, and consistently given top remarks by our work traders.

Join our family in a home packed with creativity and inspiration. You'll have access to instruments, art supplies, carpentry, and gardening projects, and meet guests from around the world.

We are committed to a strong work life balance, and allow all our employees and work traders to choose hours that fit within their lifestyle. Since managers also live on site, we are also committed to intentional community living. We close the hostel monthly for 1-3 day staff outings (i.e. skiing, camping, apple picking and cider making).

We are looking for someone who connects with community living, international cultures, and hostel living.

About us:

Eugene Lodge and International Hostel is a small business in Eugene, OR. We are supportive, collaborative, social and our goal is to Build Community.

Our work environment includes:

  • Food provided

  • International workforce

  • Regular social events

  • Relaxed atmosphere

  • Flexible working hours

  • Lively atmosphere

  • Growth opportunities

  • Company perks

  • Casual work attire

  • Safe work environment

  • Work-from-anywhere days

  • 3-4 weeks vacation time

Why Eugene?

Our neighborhood, the Whiteaker, is famous for hippies, the arts, hiking, rock climbing, music and hot springs. It's 45 minutes to a beach, 1 hour from skiing, and 2 hours to the hot springs. Theatre, arts, and music shows every week.

Eugene itself is Tracktown USA and one of the top rated bike friendly cities in the world. We're known for the University of Oregon, world-class sporting events, never-ending cycling paths, the beautiful Willamette River, and sustainable living. The hidden gem of the West Coast.

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